6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Just look at this as an opportunity to make the comeback in two years. We have a grand opportunity now to start looking at the new midterms. Taking back the House and Senate needs to be the goal now. There is so much antipathy concerning Congress (It will only grow) and we need to take advantage of it in spades.

  2. That’s never the question…

    It’s whether millions will be executed or massacred before reaching that point; that is the question.

  3. How can we get rid of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Schumer if we can’t even get rid of Murtha?
    But he’s wrong, the Democrats don’t ever screw themselves. They’re busy making money hand over fist in Sacramento at FreddieMac level while the much vaunted State economy- the eighth largest (once the sixth largest, shrunk by Democrats since ’03) – tanks and people leave in droves, and they still squeeze the dime for blood and run billion-dollar Bond propositions for projects that will never happen and that we can’t possibly pay off in even forty years, as taxes rise. As goes CA so goes the Nation.

  4. The graft and corruption will mean the wall is built of shoddy materials and expensive labor. :-) Tgirsch seems to somehow think that living where he does he’ll be immune to the colonization and assimilation effects – but the Pods are already there and working.

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