Two Op-Eds on VCDL And Open Carry

One is a smear piece on the group and their activities, and the other is pretty good.  Good on the Virginia-Pilot for blancing out the viewpoints.  I do have to wonder whether their editorial board believe that a criminal or mass killer would choose to carry the instrument of his crime out in the open where everyone could see it, including law enforcement.

One thought on “Two Op-Eds on VCDL And Open Carry”

  1. I always love it when they use the “fire in a crowded theatre” thing. See my comment below.

    If we apply your firearms theory to free speech, one would have to restrain or disable their mouth when entering a crowded theatre. After all, anybody with a mouth could shout “FIRE!” Perhaps, only those with good reason to speak could get a license from the government to speak. With this license the government could ensure that people don’t speak in sensitive places like schools, courthouses, and bars. Hey, does the pilot have a license to run a newspaper?

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