I Won a Gun!

I actually won a gun in one of the raffles at the Bucks County Friends of the NRA dinner!  I never win anything.  From the Friends of the NRA merchandise:

NRA Edition Marlin .17HMR
NRA Edition Marlin .17HMR

Imported from Italy by Marlin, each rifle includes a carbon fiber dipped stock, four-shot and seven-shot clip magazines, and stainless steel heavy bull barrel.  Perfect for a long day at the range or hunting varmint.  With the NRA logo lasered on its stock, this rifle will boost any hunter’s collection.

That’s not all I got either.  I bid in the silent auction too, and ended up with one of these, which I figure I can use to store powder and primers:

NRA Tool Chest
NRA Tool Chest

Up and coming Friends events are a hidden secret. The NRA limited edition Kimber Custom II 1911 went for 690 dollars.  The Smith & Wesson .38 Small Cheif’s special NRA edition revolver went for like 320 bucks. This is a bit cheaper than you’ll get them on the open market, and all the proceeds are going to a good cause.  The manufacturers donate these guns to the NRA Foundation to be auctioned.

8 thoughts on “I Won a Gun!”

  1. Congrats! One of the extended in-laws has a .17HMR (not the same type,) and it is a pretty fun little gun. Like a .22 on steroids.

  2. Ohhhhh jealousy!

    A new neighbor down the street has a 17HMR and I can’t wait to shoot it. I’ve heard so much about them.

    Also turns out another neighbor of mine has irritated his wife by purchasing a lot of firearms this year, so I’m going to have to go see his new stash as well.

    Nice rifle!

  3. “Up and coming Friends events are a hidden secret.”
    Ha! Not here in CT. This year’s Nutmeg FNRA dinner had almost 1000 people! Congrats on the gun.

  4. Mopar, I think you interpreted that the wrong way. Friends dinners that are successful are fun for different reasons. But, the dinners that aren’t that popular yet – the committees that have just launched or just haven’t caught on yet – those are where the bargains are found.

    Most of the people at last night’s dinner were not there to spend money. It’s not really a function of economic times from what we can tell, just the kinds of folks who attend this one. For example, this Scot Storm print should have gotten much more than it did. It only brought about $125, which is low considering he was a Federal Duck Stamp winner, was part of the only three-way tie for first place in the Duck Stamp contest history, has numerous state duck stamp wins, and has been a DU Artist of the Year. I have a Scot Storm print that I bought directly from him and I thought it was a bargain at nearly double. (Of course, I’ll also say that they didn’t mention any of his credentials when they announced it for the auction.)

  5. I didn’t mean to imply that *any* FNRA dinner was a bad thing; or that bargains can’t be had at smaller ones. I was just pointing out that my local one is *not* a place for bargains. Yea, it’s always tons of fun anyway. We’ll spend two-three hundred on raffles, then sit back and comment on how so many of the auction items go for WAY over retail. All for a good cause though.

  6. Yeah, bargains don’t really happen at the big events, but the big events just have a complete party atmosphere that’s great. The smaller ones don’t, which sucks. But, to make up for it, you can get deals. So each has a benefit. :)

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