The GOP’s Future

Countertop on Sarah Palin:

Like Bobby Jindal, in her short period in office, she has rocked the boat and brought real concern to the entrenched powers that be. Whats most surprising about this though, is unlike Jindal who is going after Democrats – Palin went after Republicans. Heck, she even went after family members – and has drawn the scorn of the state party who were unable to stop her as she took down their most powerful member – Frank Murkowski who famously appointed his daughter to fill his Senate seat.

And in that respect, in an election where the Republican’s biggest liability isn’t Iraq but Ted Stevens and the Alaskan Bridge To Nowhere, McCain took his maverick mantle by the reigns and just signed up the Anti Stevens to help him root out the corruption endemic in DC.

Compare that to Barack “Corrupt Chicago Democratic Political Machine Champion” Obama.

I think McCain hit this one out of the park.  She will be a powerful addition to his ticket, whereas I think Obama is going to increasingly find that Joe Biden is an albatross who doesn’t know when to shut his pie hole.  If McCain is looking to reshape the Republican Party with the likes of Palin, Pawlenty, and Jindal, the GOP could have a bright future.

The GOP has suffered greatly under George W. Bush and his merry band.  I’ve watched the Philadelphia Suburbs go from leaning pretty Republican, to tilting Democrat, largely because Philadelphia area GOP types don’t like Bush’s brand of conservatism.  McCain is someone people around here can get behind, and if the future beyond McCain is made up by his VP short list, that might be a reversable trend.  Whether it will be enough to overcome the Lightworker’s momentum remains to be seen.  Obama’s success around here will depend on the extent to which he can lash McCain to the deck of the sinking USS George W. Bush.

2 thoughts on “The GOP’s Future”

  1. Just how bad do you think the the Anti Gun Liberals try and smear Sarah Palin? Cause isn’t she A list via the NRA?

    This is gonna be quite a few interesting months. I think polarization will be the flavor of the day.

  2. Agreed. This was a very good move on McCain’s part. Obama’s camp is already saying she’s an unknown. Good! Then she can help with HOPE/CHANGE!


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