Shut ‘Em Down Anyway

A developer in Connecticut is not stopping at anything to try and shut down Blue Trail Gun Range. First, they were sued over bullets supposedly hitting houses. Only they weren’t. But, the range went ahead and addressed some safety concerns and made changes.

Then the complaining party brought in family to use the strong arm of government and force a change.

Democratic Councilor Vincenzo DiNatale has asked local officials to consider whether Blue Trail, a North Branford Road range which abuts part of the reservoir, is posing a lead hazard to the water supply. …
DiNatale is the nephew of Pat DiNatale, a Durham resident who sued the range over alleged safety problems after bullets hit his home earlier this year.

What did they find? Nothing. Not a single bit of lead.

The legal lead limit for raw water is 50 parts per billion, while testing could not find even one part per billion in the water flowing from the Ulbrich, Adair said.

It doesn’t matter that they can’t even find one part per billion, as the headline states:

No lead, but issue isn’t dead

2 thoughts on “Shut ‘Em Down Anyway”

  1. I wanted to thank you for your continued coverage of the issues at Blue Trail.

    I’ve been to the range periodically over the years, and the folks there don’t deserve what’s happening to them.

    From a safety standpoint, one of the things that I always liked about Blue Trail was their commitment to making a potentially hazardous activity as safe as possible. Between the rules about shooting only from the bench, the screens to prevent people from shooting while standing, the ever-present range officers and the strict adherence to safety rules, I’ve always felt secure shooting there.

    In addition, the original backstop for the 100 yard range was more than adequate to keep stray shots from leaving the property.

    It’s unfortunate that one blatantly greedy developer has managed to cause such significant problems on what amounts to the last public outdoor shooting range in Connecticut. Why more people aren’t calling him out on his ludicrous claims is beyond me.

  2. The really sad thing about the whole lead issue is that lead is not really soluble in cold water.

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