Scared by English

Someone reporter in Massachusetts is apparently getting his panties in a bunch because some of us believe the Second Amendment means exactly what it says.  I guess the prospect that we can read plain English is indeed frightning to some who believe most of us can barely read.

2 Responses to “Scared by English”

  1. TangoSix says:

    Hmmm? And no mention as to whether this multiple-miscreant had licenses for his ham radios. A soldier of the Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy: obviously a revolution, or at least a putsch, was afoot.

    The reporter? Seeking to leave Cape Cod for the NYT: a general in the army of the stupid.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    Ludicrous in the extreme. I mean! Simply IMAGINE! The founding fathers actually starting this country on a document that meant what it said. HA! It is to laugh!