Incumbent Endorsements

This person pretty clearly doesn’t want to recognize that Melissa Hart herself was the beneficiary of NRA’s endorsement policy when she lost to Jason Altmire:

How can the National Rifle Association say with a straight face that it is looking out for the interests of gun owners if it backs a candidate who is also endorsed by (“NRA endorses Altmire in race against Hart,” July 25 and

NRA doesn’t care how liberal you are, the only question is how you are on gun issues.  Hell, even John Murtha gets an endorsement because he’s still solid on second amendment rights.  Altmire’s record on the Second Amendment has been good, and he deserves the endorsement.

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  1. It is clearly to the advantage of the NRA to back pro-gun democrats. If the NRA wants to back Republicans only then they will have no influence over any Democrat. They will simply be the gun wing of the Republican party.

    That would be a bad thing for the gun lobby if we end up with a Democrat in the White House as well as a Democratic congress. However, with enough friends on the left side of the aisle, the NRA will maintain a voice in congress.

    This is a very smart decision for the NRA. Those who criticize it are looking out for Republicans and not gun rights.

  2. The NRA is all about Gun rights and issues like gay rights, immigration, spending, etc are not really on their agenda. Now if it was about gun rights for immigrates, gays, or spending money on conservation, they are all over those issues.

    I don’t have a problem with pro-gun Dems but at the same time they empower anti-gun Democrats like Pelosi.

  3. Apparently the letter writer wasn’t paying attention when Hart not only previously received the endorsement when she was running before, but also missed when she was a featured speaker at the NRA Meeting in Pittsburgh. I swear, if they have rules that make the endorsement policies pretty clear, they are damned. If they bend rules all the time so that it’s unpredictable, they are also damned.

  4. The second amendment is a right for all Americans, not just Republicans or Conservatives. I hate the fact that the second amendment has become so polarizing and politicized that those on one side of the aisle or the other have to take stand for or against it based upon their political persuasions.

    That is the real legacy of the gun grabbers. In reducing the gun debate and making it merely political; they have in effect done damage to it. The NRA is doing the right thing. they should back who ever is backing our rights period!

    P.S. Isn’t Paul Helmke a Republican?

  5. What you all fail to understand is that Altmire hasn’t pushed any pro gun leg throught congress while Melissa Hart actually has and probably would again. As an NRA member, I understand the incumbant policy, but I don’t have to like it, especially when they think Altmire has the best interests of gun owners at heart. He realizes it would be an uphill battle to run in the fightin 4th congressional district. It’s political opportunism at most and political pragmatism in the least. I was always happy with Melissa’s voting record on 2nd amendment issues. I’m not sure I trust Altmire. The Pelosi vote is tough to get over, his Obama support is pretty bad too for gun rights. My biggest fear is that he will do the least amount possible not to upset gun owners rather than actually work toward our goals. Just because melissa was endorsed before doesn’t mean it was the same as Altmire getting the endorsement. As I said, Melissa actually has a gun record to stand on while Altmire just hasn’t done anything wrong yet. But he hasn’t been pushing this issue either. It’s not enough to stop bad laws from being passed. We also need laws changed, repealed, etc. I wish I was still in the 4th so I could help.

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