Home Ownership Joys

My patio awning is all rotted to hell.  Both the roof and the fascia board were put on wrong, causing the roof to curl up at the lip, making a pool of water looking for some place to go.  Well, it found a place

I’m home from work today because we have some contractors coming over today to give us estimates.  I thought about doing it myself, but I think I would probably take too long.

4 thoughts on “Home Ownership Joys”

  1. Ever thought of getting a Sunsetter? It’s a retractable/motorized awning. We’ve had ours for about 6 years and it works pretty well.

    As for doing things yourself, I was told by a guy in one of the woodworking forums that you take the amount of time and money you think you’ll need, then multiply the money by 3 and multiply the time by 4 and add two weeks. Then you’ll be in the ballpark. Sure works for me. :) Right now, I’m getting ready to build some bookshelves that I think will take two weeks. So I’ll probably finish it in about three months or so.

  2. I thought about that, but the reason the roof was put on (it was added) was to break up the harsh lines of my house. Bitter and I thought about a Pergola, but those use hardwoods, and would cost a lot more. All that we really need to do is brace the roof up, replace the support beams, sister the rafters where the rot is, replace the top plywood, and that’s basically it.

  3. You have my sympathies. I had a similar rotting problem with my patio doors, specifically the frame, and wound up having to replace them. Took me a whole day to rip out the old doors, re-frame the opening and put in the new doors. Then it took another whole day to recover from the previous days exertions. Ouch, my back.

    I getting ready to add a patio awning similar to yours, probably next month so I’d be interested in hearing more about your repair process as it works out.

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