Zero Tolerance for Beans

Apparently if you’re nine years old, and you shoot another student with a pea shooter, it’s third degree assault.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  The kid needed to be disciplined.  But are the schools so far gone these days they have to get the police involved?  No call to the parent?  Hell, I’d even prefer schools paddle kids than bring in the law to destroy their lives before they reach the age of ten.

UPDATE: Judging from the article, it looks like it might have been a BB gun.  In that case, getting the authorities involved wouldn’t have been inappropriate.

3 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance for Beans”

  1. Slowly but surely, America’s Left is drifting farther and farther “south.” Maybe Mike V. does have a point, regardless of how abrasive he is. After all, extreme tactics calls for extreme counter-measures. We need to find some way to bring our country back from the abyss that has drowned England in a sea of stupid nanny-state and anti-freedom regulations. It’s not hard to see that that’s exactly what the liberals in the country want to drag us. Something’s gotta give.

  2. I notice the headline says it was a BB gun, but the article says peashooter.
    Big difference between the two in my book.

  3. A BB gun might be more consistent with the injury. Well, in the case of a BB gun, yeah, calling the police wasn’t entirely inappropriate.

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