Australia Relaxing Strict Gun Laws?

Looks like there have been some changes in the New South Wales government, which have allowed them to pass some easements to the insanity they passed after the Port Arthur massacre.  As Dave Hardy said:

Looks as if, as is common in parliamentary systems, the largest party is still slightly less than a majority. And pro-gun Members formed their own party, the Shooters’ Party, which is just enough to give the dominant party a majority if it votes with them.

When I was in Louisville, I talked to a gentleman from Australia, who was forced to turn over a lifetime of collecting, worth approximately 100,000 dollars, including guns his father had given him, to the Australian authorities.  They banned every semi-automatic and pump action firearm in the country after Port Arthur.  If Australian shooters can start taking back what’s theirs, there’s hope for us all.  This is a very welcome development.

7 thoughts on “Australia Relaxing Strict Gun Laws?”

  1. This is even better than it seems, a Liberal Government is passing laws to sell off Assets Nationalized, seized, by previous administrations.

    Canadians are beginning to stand up to the new Conservative Government, demanding the return of their Gun Rights. Could it be that we’ve turned some kind of corner, while looking the wrong way?

    This is good news on that front, but, Democratic Socialists in our own House of Representatives are demanding that we allow them to Nationalize the Oil Industry, before they will pass the appropriations bill for the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Which might not be bad…it worked for Marx, Lenin, Engles, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel, that idiot in Venezuela, and not to mention Mexico.

    But, we’ll probably have to wait until we have our own “Benevolent Leader,” ya know, elbowing himself into the Whitehouse.

  2. Yes! they are going to ease restrictions on firearms….but at what price? Privitation of power plants…..whoa! perhaps these fellers didn’t see what to the US. when this happened here. Look forward to double or triple power bills in aussy land….They won’t be able to buy ammo.

    Still captive of my childhood….

  3. I’ve worked in and around the Power Industry all my life, and, I don’t remember the US ever having Nationalized, or, Privatized anything.

    Right now, I’m working in the ‘top shop’ in the world for Military Power Generation (efficiency rating: 99.997%, 14 months in a row – “Excellent”), and, to my knowledge, only one country has ever returned anything that was Nationalized back to Private Investors without a War: England, and, I believe it ‘was’ the Power Industry (however, my wife is getting old, ya know, and, she could be wrong).

  4. You’re right, Sebastion, I had forgotten about the Tenessee Valley Authority. and, I know several good stories about that, but…but, you know…conspiracy type thingies. As I said, just ‘stories.’

  5. Hm. Will the Australian collector you cited get his guns back, then? I’d heard that their government had destroyed them all. Even IF they hadn’t, it’s impossible for me to believe that those guns were stored properly, or cared for at all…so his treasured heirlooms are probably rusty wrecks, if not part of a boiler in the basement of some government office building. Not a happy thought, sorry.

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