New Banner

I played around for a bit and finally came up with something I could live with.  You may have to hit shift-refresh to have it load the new graphic.  Of course, if you think you can come up with something better, feel free to give it a try.  If I get multiple entries that I like, I might just rotate banners occasionally.  I wasn’t able to incorporate a firearm in any way I liked, so I decided to leave it out.

Let me know what you think

11 thoughts on “New Banner”

  1. I kinda like it.

    Nice and stark and simple.

    Of course, I may not be the right person to ask, since I’ve used the same goofy generic blogger template for nigh on three years now.

  2. It’s a decent banner. The only thing I would change is to get rid of the motion blur and add a couple of snowflakes. After all, it’s “Snowflakes in Hell”, not “snowflake in hell”.

  3. I like it… the previous incarnation completely covered the shooting & Snowflake ok, but completely ignored the “Hell” part of the name. How would it look with Red/Yellow flames?

  4. I like it. I see what you meant by illustration rather than picture based and I like this much better than what I sent you.

    It’s a keeper, for sure.

  5. Definitely better than before! If you do add more snowflakes, maybe make them, light-colored and “in the background” so as to not clutter it up too much.

  6. I like it, too, and like the “motion blur.”

    But I too might add a few more snowflakes…but make sure they are not alike!

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