Misleading Info on Firearms Transfers

The state has set up a web site to inform people about firearms transfer laws in Pennsylvania.  Dave Markowitz takes the state to task for providing misleading information about what the law actually is.  Handgun and NFA transfers have to be done through an FFL or the County Sheriff’s office.  Long gun transfers between private parties are allowed, provided neither individual is prohibited from possessing a firearm.  Seems the state is leading people to believe all transfers have to go through an FFL.  From Dave:

Guntransfer.org clearly reflects the Philly-centric antigun bias. By fooling people into thinking that private party transfers of any gun are illegal in PA, they are looking to create a paper trail. All gun transfers which go through a licensed dealer first require the transferee to pass a background check conducted in Harrisburg by the Pennsylvania State Police. As you may be aware, a few years ago they were sued for creating an illegal registry of gun owners. As it turned out, the State Police won their case when the court ruled that the records which they were compiling did not meet the statutory definition of an illegal database. Nevertheless, it is still a de facto database of gun owners in Pennsylvania.

Our supreme court ruled that because the database wasn’t all inclusive, that it wasn’t a “registery,” which is prohibited by the Uniform Firearms Act.  I doubt this is a nefarious conspiracy to create a paper trail, but it’s definitely not good that a state agency is spreading false information about state law.  This is something we ought to bring up with Attorney General Corbett.

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  1. I find it to be very alarming that the state would have a media campaign which appears to be carefully crafted to present that matter as they wish it were, rather than how it is. I think it’s worthwhile to call shenanigans on stuff like this and nip it in the bud.

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