NYT Blog Debate on Guns

Featuring one of our blog community members who might be familiar to many.  See the full set of posts on the topic here.  The media is starting to take gun bloggers seriously!

UPDATE: At the end of the day, my hat’s off to David.  I think he did a fine job of representing our side.

2 Responses to “NYT Blog Debate on Guns”

  1. David Codrea says:

    I did encourage my contact to include Cramer, Hardy and Lott, but it is what it is and I’m fielding what I can. I’m holding back on posting overmuch so as not to appear like I’m trying to hog things, as I want to remain welcome by my hosts–but comment posters are doing a good job getting in things I either miss or am not able to focus on. Please encourage everyone to go and enter comments that represent our side well, as this is a terrific opportunity for all of us to get our foot in the door and access to a larger megaphone than we normally have.

    And spread the word–if the NYT sees this as something that generates reader interest, they’ll be more inclined to invite us back. I’d love to see some of the knowledgeable names in RKBA weigh in, particularly with my snarky new friend Mr. Horwitz. The problem is, I want to fisk everything he says. The reality is, to do so would make for boring reading for most of the readership–plus we’re supposed to limit our posts to 300 words.

  2. Sebastian says:

    You’re doing pretty well, I think.