Anti-Hunting Folks

New Jersey is a long ways down the slippery slope, thanks to people like, this who now see their goal of banning all hunting and gun ownership within political reach:

Hunting makes an unnecessary contribution to a world already plagued by too much violence and suffering.Wildlife and the outdoors can and should be experienced through activities such as camping, hiking and wildlife watching; ways to get close to nature without having to cause suffering and death.

Joe Miele, President, Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Maywood, NJ

Anti-hunting forces in New Jersey were dealt a pretty significant blow in New Jersey’s last election, but they aren’t going away.  Joe Meile and his ilk are not biologists, they do not understand the role hunters play in conservation and wilflife management efforts.   He also, apparently, isn’t above telling people from Mississippi how they ought to be living their lives.  People like this need to be vigorously opposed.

5 Responses to “Anti-Hunting Folks”

  1. rev214 says:

    Vigorously oppose is right. The state gov’t. is already trying to turn the Fish and Game commission into, what one blogger called, the Humane Society. I don’t provide the NJF&G commission anymore of my money in license fees. I pay double for the PA out-of-state licenses and take my recreational business elsewhere…

  2. I find it amusing that they have a section for protest chants. Nothing there, unfortunately (I’m sure they’d be good for a laugh.)

    I’d love to see them come down to Florida and try to pass anti-hunting laws. They’d probably get dropped off in the middle of the everglades.

  3. I Love hunting says:

    i love hunting y do u hate it so much there is nothing wrong with it

  4. I Love hunting says:

    u kill a dear here and there o well

  5. Sebastian says:

    What gave you the idea I hated hunting?