More Criticism of Alan Gura

Can be found here. [UPDATE 7/22/2010: Not anymore. The Las Vegas Review-Journal, sewer rats that they are, receive no links from this blog]  Hat tip to War on Guns for pointing it out.  I don’t really agree with Suprynowicz, in the sense that I think Gura did what he thought he had to do to win the case, but I don’t find this article particularly inflamatory.  What set me off on GOA was the implication that the people involved in this case were not on “our side.”  I think there’s a difference between offering criticism and using language that tends to undermine or downplay the contributions of others.

This case won’t be the end of second amendment litigation by far, just the beginning.  Will we rescue machine gun rights from this?  I’m doubtful, there’s a lot of damage to be undone in that area, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s in the opinion, and where we can go from here.  We will need groups that will make machine guns an issue, because it’s not going to be NRA carrying that torch.  But we need these other groups to carry a message of “We’re standing up for machine gun owners.”  Not a message of “We’re standing up for machine gun owners, and all these other people to our ‘shock and horror’, who are on ‘our side’ are undermining us.” This can’t become “If you don’t agree with me on everything we’re enemies.”   That’s a great way to lose.

2 thoughts on “More Criticism of Alan Gura”

  1. Has anybody bothered to report the fact that Alan Gura has not been paid AT ALL for this work since 2003, and that amount was a donated by ONE SINGLE PERSON! I think that if GOA or the NRA or anyone else has a problem with sending a rookie to the Supreme Court to argue this case, they should probably get off their fat asses and cough up some coin.

    Mr. Gura has my undying respect for putting more effort into protecting and defending the 2nd Amendment than any of the organizations that are bashing him. (And yes, I did kick down some bucks, and will do so again, as soon as I can!)

  2. Don’t forget, Alan Gura will have made his career if he wins this arguement in front of the supreme court. You will see a book, speaking engagements, television interview, all sorts of thing that will bring him millions of dollars and compensate him for all his work. Don’t feel to sorry for him just yet, his motivations aren’t as heroic as you would like to think

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