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  1. Thanks for posting this, I need something to read tonight. Cspan is suggesting we’ve already won.

    A little premature but it sounds like good news.

    “Based on extended oral arguments this morning in the case D.C. v.. Heller, a substantial majority of the Supreme Court appears poised to declare that the Second Amendment protects some kind of individual right to bear arms. But how tethered that right is to the functioning of state militias is less clear at the end of vigorous debate and active questioning from all the justices — except, as usual, Clarence Thomas who asked no questions. Only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and possibly Stephen Breyer and David Souter appeared to question the individual rights view. At least some parts of D.C.’s gun control ordinance seemed in jeopardy. Justice Anthony Kennedy, always under the spotlight as a potential swing vote, seemed strongly convinced that the Second Amendment declares an individual right to bear arms “in addition to” the “very important” protection it contains for state militias.”

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