3 thoughts on “Nebraska Ban on “Inherently Dangerous” Firearms”

  1. The Judiciary Committee this session is mighty antigun. There were two abstentions, so the 6-0 vote isn’t totally telling.

    The real pain is that this AWB is an amendment that wipes out the original bill and inserts the AWB. In other words… No public hearing on the ban.

    Ashford, the RINO chair of the Judiciary who wrote the bill, did something similar last session.

    He took a bill that passed the first round… it dealt with property escrow. Ashford amended the bill in the second round to wipe out the whole bill and insert additions to the “no-guns” list… colleges and hospitals.

  2. I have a few contacts on the floor…

    I’m not sure how to put this, so bear with me.

    They report very little “herd mentality” of support. The governor is pretty good on guns. A hunter apprentice program (dropping the deer hunting age to 10 or 12) passed 40-something to single digits.

    Finally, this is the short (60 day) session and Monday is the 30th day. There are a lot of very testy issues left on the docket (stem cell, roads, school funds, death penalty, etc.). So any bill that looks like it won’t fly through could be nixed pretty quickly.

    That said….

    Odds are Sen. Ernie Chambers (google him, people, trust me) will likely be fighting for this bill. He’s dangerous. Seriously, google.

    Until this bill is dead and buried, it’s a threat. Ashford made it his priority bill, so it MUST be debated and voted on at least once.

    Our best bet is to get in touch with the senators NOW and stop this bill in General File (what we call First Round).

    We can’t dally, either. The speaker is good about getting priority bills on the floor ASAP. I would not be surprised to see it on Monday’s agenda (check The Shack later, I’ll post it when I see it).

    Any questions can be addressed to me at joemerchant24 (AT) (geemail) dOt cOM. Figure it out, non-bots.

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