Don’t Tase Me Dad!

Apparently the dad who beat his kid to death over an Xbox has some competition for the vile parent of the year award:

The father of an 18-month-old child is off to jail for four years after being found guilty of using a stun gun on the boy. His reason for using the 100,000-volt Dragonfire, which resulted in muscle damage to the kid’s heart, was because he wanted his son to be “the toughest cage fighter ever.” Yeah, the toughest heart-damaged, cage-fighting 18-month-old ever.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Tase Me Dad!”

  1. As I’ve said before…

    compare the cost of 4 years in the pokey with one .357 magnum shell.

    The only silver lining here is that people who have harmed a child have a rather short life span in prison once everyone knows why they’re there.

    Maybe we should get some pen pals in our nation’s prison system to “keep them informed.”

  2. I don’t think that is as true as it once was. Most of our adult-age people are not adults, some don’t even qualify as human. In days gone by bad guys took their chances and put their asses on the line and didn’t have a lot of compunction about putting down other men. But even bad guys in those, by and large, not always, were protective of women and children.

    The bad guys we have nowadays just view them as easier prey. Their cohorts who make up the prison population more closely resemble them than they do their predecessors.

    Which is to be expected when even normal citizens see this behavior approved when done by law enforcement. As a bad guy, one would have to ask himself, if the status of women and children is not honored by the “good guys”, why should I be different?

    In much of our behavior and societal mores we have become very similar to the monsters we abhor.

    Everybody’s respect for life and the welfare of women and children has degraded. Is it surprising that bad people travel that slope at an accelerated pace?

    There just isn’t as much separation between the good people and the bad people as there used to be.

    Look at the defenders of the Houston woman who killed her five children, look at the defenders of Susan Smith who killed her two. Look at the number of people who think abortion isn’t killing. Look at the number of people who do not speak up and demand justice for the Kathryn Johnstons or the Corey Mayes. These are the people we all say we respect, even if we disagree with them. These are the people we all call the good guys.

    So, is it any wonder the bad guys have degraded at the same or faster rate? I think not.

    Instead, I think the man in the case above may just receive an education in how he could have better hidden his crime. I doubt seriously that he will face any reprisal from the prison population.

  3. I seem to remember a certain catholic priest who didn’t last a week in prison after diddling all those little boys.

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