Who Indeed

I’m not entirely sure who David is saying might have wanted the DOJ Brief to come out the way it did, but having talked to several people who are running themselves ragged working on this case, I want to make my views on this clear.

No one I have talked to or heard about, that was wary about the Parker case initially, was opposed to it for any reason than they thought it was going to lose if it hit the Supreme Court.  A lot has changed since 2003, when the case was initially filed, and many of the folks who were initially wary are working very hard on making sure the case comes out in favor of Heller, and we get a strong individual rights ruling from The Court.  That includes council that’s working for the National Rifle Association.  The initial conflagration has been put aside, because the important thing now is for the case to come out on terms that doesn’t gut the second amendment.