More Carry Nonsense in Pennsylvania

Here we go again:

[I asked the] Sheriff why was my license to Cary denied? He stated someone came in two days before I applied on 11/16/07 and asked If I had a license to Cary. he said he looked in the computer and told them no there is no one in here by that name. He said he asked this person why he said this person told him he observed me with a gun in my waist band on my property. I said Yes Sheriff I do Cary my gun in a holster on my property and not in my waist band. I also stated that its not against the law To OC In PA he agreed. I then asked why was my permit being denied. He then said “I called the Clifford police as part of my investigation and they said yes they had a report of me walking around with my side arm. never once has the police been to my house never once have I been in trouble with the law! I said this is why you denied me he said yes he said it shows lack of character and thats the grounds hes denying me on. I told him I was going to appeal he then said I guess I was right in denying you then You are arguing with me. I said I’m stating facts and laws I’m not arguing with you and mean no disrespect. He said stay out of trouble and reapply in a year until then get yourself some pepper spray. WTF

I am so mad what can I do?

My advice is to retain an attorney and appeal the denial. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue to advocate for altering or abolishing § 6109 (e) (1) (i) “An individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety.” so that this discretion clause, that more than a few Sheriffs appear to not be able to use without abusing, doesn’t stop law abiding gun owners from getting licenses.

Besides, if you’re a sheriff, and you don’t like open carry, shouldn’t you want to give the guy a license to he can carry concealed.

7 Responses to “More Carry Nonsense in Pennsylvania”

  1. straightarrow says:

    When you hire the attorney have him also sue the sheriff for assassination of character because you have obeyed the law and he stated you had a poor character. Not to mention when you talk to him he can decide if you don’t agree with him you have poor character. Get the dumb sonofabitch to put it in writing.

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Here in Mass Open carry (which is perfectly legal) is ground for permit denial. And note in Mass we have GUN permits, not CCW permits….so they revoke your permit (wich they can do for ANY reason, so long as they put it in writing) you loose your 2A rights.

    Nice, huh?

    So they restrict your permit (mine says “Target and Hunting Only”) they strip you of ALL carry rights…and reasons for restriction don’t need to be given. My town of issue the PD NEVER issues non-restricted permits, PERIOD.

  3. blottje says:

    I really think some of the local Police departments make stuff up as an excuse to deny. I had a similar experience in a local S. E. Pennsylvania township where I submitted my request and was told it was denied because someone had used my SS in a criminal case. I was certainly concerned about this erroneous identity information in the state computer, but when I called the PA State Police to get more information, they couldn’t find anything to substantiate the local township claim. Fortunately, I did not have to engage a lawyer, and when I pressed the issue locally, they got out of the way and granted the CCW permit.

  4. kaveman says:

    Cops against open carry?

    Isn’t that exactly what cops do themselves? Sounds like this sheriff needs to find a new job.

  5. Breda says:

    I plan on OC this summer, especially when I’m home alone and outside gardening. I wonder how long it will take my idiot neighbors to call the police.

  6. Jared McLaughlin says:

    I’ve helped quite a few people get their LTCF in PA over the past couple years. I also open carry alot. Actually I’m open carrying in a coffee house in a major metropolitan area right now. I just got a new holster that goes with my shoes. I have to agree that the “character” part of it is crap. Since when is the law allowed to be so aribitrary?

    I started open carrying because it was more comfortable. I’ve found it is also an interesting experiment in the situational awareness, legal knowledge and attitudes of the people around me. I’ve only been questioned on it twice, once by a lawyer who couldn’t state what law I was violating, and once by a “second amendment” supporter who has a LTCF.

  7. Eric says:

    It is unfortunate that we as PA CCW permit holders have to toe a line between the law and the general ignorance, paranoia, etc of much of the non-carrying public.

    That said, as a rule of thumb I NEVER open carry, and havent over my 15+ years of carrying. And why, you ask? Simply to avoid the hassle. IMO open carry in PA is just asking for problems regardless of what the law says. Sad, isn’t it?


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