How to Lose Young Voters

Young people have been really big on Obama, despite the fact that he’s peddling the same old crap the Democrats have been peddling for decades.  The GOP need to learn how to court the young vote, unless they want to look at Democratic majorities for decades to come.  What are some ways to lose young voters?   Well, you can start by advocating a ban on video games.  Especially when it’s pretty obvious the advocates are repeating crap they have been hearing and have not actually played the game.

Yep… banning video games.  That’s sure to energize young voters.

6 thoughts on “How to Lose Young Voters”

  1. Memo to the Democrats: Young people don’t vote. Young people tend to fold up their tent and go home at the first sign of anything that gets in the way, such as lines at the polling booth, homework or projects that need to get done, final exams, or smoking weed. You want to get young people to vote, promise to legalize pot: they’ll come out for you in droves.

    The Democrats have been foolishly courting the young vote for decades because they foolishly believed that young voters were the big reason for Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992. Bill Clinton didn’t win because of the young vote, he won because H. Ross Perot split the conservative base – Clinton never won a majority of the popular vote.

  2. Good to know that I don’t vote and I haven’t voted in any election up to this point.

    When do I (and Snowflakes in Hell, since he’s younger than me) get to vote?

  3. The irony is Brad is younger than me :) I think that was mostly a lament that young people aren’t a reliable voting bloc, and unfortunately, it’s true.

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