Speaking of Property Rights

Apparently the State of California doesn’t have much respect for them. There a guy in my neighborhood that has a giant boat in his driveway. I don’t mean a small outboard motor boat, I mean a rather large vessel, that’s been up on blocks for several years. Various thoughts go through my mind about this huge eyesore in my neighborhood:

  • Is he expecting one day the Neshaminy Creek will actually flood that high?
  • Christmas is coming, is he going to decorate the boat?
  • I wonder if the paint chipping off it is lead based?

But one thing I woudln’t presume to do is ask the government to force him to remove it. It’s his driveway. I wouldn’t even presume to ask him to remove it privately. I certainly wouldn’t dream of asking the government to trespass on a man’s property to ticket it.

Of course, I doubt anyone asked. They just decided. No doubt parking ticket revenue dried up when they banned overnight parking, forcing them to seek out new sources of banditry revenue.

6 thoughts on “Speaking of Property Rights”

  1. The only possible reason I could give in an argument is if I was selling my house, and the boat impacted my property value, or its “curb appeal”

    The market sucks right now for a seller, you need all the help you can get.

    Still it should ONLY be handled civilliy, this is not the govenment’s buisness. If you’re too shy to talk to your neighbor, shut-up and deal with it.

  2. And hey, you aren’t selling your house, so who gives a shit?

    I’m totally with you on this angle, if it doesn’t effect my day-to-day, I don’t care, and its none of my buisness. But if its making it a bitch to sell my house, now I have a problem.

  3. “Speaking of Property Rights
    Apparently the State of California doesn’t have much respect for them.”

    California has no respect for property rights or common sense.

  4. Boats are awesome, even when they are, errr, “drydocked”.

    All neighborhoods should boats just lying around. Take some pictures.

    I wonder if homeowners could just pave over their lawns. It’d save money on lawn care.

  5. But you would grant him the right to tell you what you may have in your car?

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