I’m The Responsible Party

Ahab notes an e-mail he received from the folks:

I have been working closely with the NRA trying to get them to join the other groups that have already given their written endorsement to HB 915, including GCO, GSSA (the NRA affiliate in Georgia), SCCC, and GOA. I still hold out hope that the NRA will endorse HB 915 in the near future. If somebody at the NRA with whom I have been working is actively at the same time passing out misinformation, I would like to know about it.

I am probably the person that originated this with my post.  I also hope that NRA will endorse HB 915, but I suspect that 915 will have to be modified to not pose a threat to HB 89.  I’m still not convinced by the folks who say there’s no danger there; I think there is.  I will try to get one of our attorney bloggers to weigh in on this matter.

I’m not in agreement that the parking lot carry bill should be a priority, but this parking lot carry bill is important to a lot of other gun owners.  The NRA has staked its reputation on the car carry bill, and they aren’t going to abandon it at this point.  As much as I think that sucks, because carry laws affect me more than a parking lot law would, I’m not the only gun owner out there.  I think there needs to be a little understanding that sometimes the powers that be will push the interests of other gun owners over yours.

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  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    They may want you to wear a dunce cap.

    Make sure it is made of kevlar.