Robinson Arms Controversy?

From Robinson Arms XCR Wikipedia Entry:

On January 1, 2008, Alex Robinson, CEO of Robinson Armament Co., announced his endorsement of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on the Robinson Armament Co. website. This has led to considerable controversy in the firearms enthusiast community, as Romney indicated on a December 16, 2007 interview on Meet the Press that he would sign a reauthorization of the expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban. This endorsement is seen as peculiar because reauthorizing the Assault Weapons Ban would make sale of the XCR to civilians in the United States illegal. The endorsement has led to calls for a boycott of Robinson Armament Co. in the firearms community.[2]

Robinson Armament has released a statement about this.

Many of you are supporting one of the very pro-gun candidates. That’s great. The question is: What if Mitt, Rudi, or John get the nomination? I think this is fair question.

If one of the solid gun stance candidates do not win and we totally alienate the other candidates, where are we?

If we were all really smart and working together to make sure all the bases are covered, we would make sure that we have some people working with the candidates who have less than stellar pro-gun records. Just in case they make it.

The reason I’ve been working with Romney is that I knew early on that he would be a contender. He’s got a lot going for him that a lot of people like. Though gun control issues are the biggest issues for you and I, many Americans feel there are bigger and more important issues. I completely disagree. A candidate’s stand on the Second Amendment is a litmus test. Candidates who want gun control are typically for big government, want to tax us out of existence, and support lots of other liberal ideas.

Read the whole thing. I don’t know if I’ll be willing to join the call for a boycott over this, but it’s some pretty bad political reasoning. Alex Robinson should have a talk with Bitter, who worked in this issue in Massachusetts under Romney. He’s unreliable, and will throw anyone under the bus if the political winds change, and he thinks it’s politically expedient for him to do so. It would be one thing if Romney already had the nomination locked up, but he doesn’t. It’s still time to fight for pro-gun rights candidates.

UPDATE: One guy even wants to go so far as to cut up and destroy his SBR XCR.  I’d be happy to take it off his hands if it makes him feel dirty.  I might be convinced to join a boycott, but I won’t go so far as suggesting people destroy a perfectly good rifle!

16 Responses to “Robinson Arms Controversy?”

  1. Rustmeister says:

    Bad political reasoning is a nice way to say it.

    I’m suprised that statement didn’t have the phrase “peace in our time” in it somewhere.

  2. straightarrow says:

    Mitt is unacceptable whether or not he has the nomination “locked up”. Kissing his ass will not endear anyone to him. He is strictly for Mitt, no matter how much he may enjoy having his ass kissed, even if he had the nomination “locked up”.

    He should be treated like the enemy of freedom he is. Even if he won the presidency.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Of course he’s unacceptable, but the question of whether he’s better than Obama, who wants to ban all semi-automatic firearms, is a legitimate one. I probably won’t get behind Mitt in a public way if he walks away with it, and I think Alex has made a mistake here in doing so.

    But I also understand “scuttle the gun hating Democrat at any cost”, even if Mitt is unreliable on the gun (or any for that matter) issue. Mitt isn’t a dyed in the wool gun hater, he’s just an unreliable political opportunist who doesn’t have any real principles other than his own power. Sure, this makes him despicable, but slightly less dangerous than a true believer in gun control.

    I’ll hold my opinion on whether or not Robinson Arms deserves to be boycotted. Alex Robinson might just decide he made a mistake and retract his support of Romney. I’ll give him that chance.

  4. countertop says:

    Considering they are from Utah, I suspect this is a Mormon thing more than anything. Thats cool. If you read the whole thread he posted though, there are some giant gaps he leaves out.

    I’d love to see the emails between the time he tore the campaign a new a-hole over Mitt’s gun-banning-bigot-ultra-left-pinko-pandering ways and his posted mea culpa and link to Romney’s “final” statement on guns.

    Interestingly, Kevin Madden – his press secretary, was just on MSNBC defending Romney on guns and stating that Huckabee needs to learn that the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting but about finding a leader who can defend an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

  5. Rob K says:

    From wikipedia: “The Robinson Armament Co. is a firearm manufacturing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.”

    I think that right there is 99% of this endorsement.

  6. countertop says:

    And, I’d trust Obama in the White House far more than Romney.

    At least with Obama, you know what your dealing with.

  7. FCS says:

    Its easy to lose your Rights if you Give them away


  8. Sebastian says:

    Well, Alex Robinson can decide, what matters more to him? Church loyalties or his loyalty to the second amendment and his customers. If this is a church loyalty deal, that’s fine. A man has the right to make that choice in this country…. and I have a right not to buy his products.

  9. Hemlock says:

    Robinson can keep his stuff if he backs Mitt ( the PROVEN gun grabber).
    I like the DPMS I have just fine.

  10. BadIdeaGuy says:

    Sadly, a few pages behind the “President Mitt Signs Sweeping ‘AW’ Ban” headline in the paper, I’d expect to see “Robinson Arms Given Contract for XX Million New Rifles for Military/Law Enforcement”.

  11. random says:

    I think that this is a mormon thing as well. I don’t see any other reason to support Mit.

  12. random says:

    Looking at the statement, Robinson is either trying to deal with the fallout or really didn’t know what romneys position was. If he did blindly endorse him than it would appear to be for his faith.

  13. straightarrow says:

    I also, would prefer an Obama, an honest enemy to Romney a dishonest traitorous supposed friend.

    As a friend of mine in Alabama, who happened to be black replied when I asked him “Why do black people vote for the Wallaces, when they know how they feel about blacks having equal rights?”, ”

    Because Wallace is an honest man, he will do what he says he will, or at least try his damnedest. we know what we are dealing with and if we get his word on something, he will keep it. Not like all those folks who come down here claiming to love us, but forget all about us when they don’t need us.”

    Romney is one of those “I love until I don’t need you.” types.

  14. NMM1AFan says:

    I don’t get it, either.

    But then, I didn’t want to wait two years for an M96 carbine anyway.


  15. Rustmeister says:

    Let’s just hope congress doesn’t go heavily Democratic if anyone other than Fred gets elected.

    He’s the only pro-gun candidate I see out there.

  16. Rac says:

    Gee, it sure would be nice to have someone with Mitt’s business background around now that we are faced with the worst economic problems since the great depression and maybe even worse! Problems given to use by the “we have to have affordable housing for the poor” crowd (yeah, I mean Obama). Now looks like we’ll get the Messiah himself along with the economy in the tank. This guy is going to make Jimmy Carter look GOOD. Where’s Mitt when you need him?


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