Moralistic Vandalism

Eric has a post about eco-loons who run around keying SUVs.

People who are moralistic about their evil are worse — far worse — than ordinary criminals. As far as I’m concerned, those who think it is right to vandalize a stranger’s car for political reasons have shown themselves to be completely lacking in conscience.

I couldn’t agree more. I wonder if Eric knows about our friend Lynn Hoffman’s book “Bang! Bang!” where the protagonist engages in an act of this kind of vandalism against members of a fictional pro-gun rights organization. Anything is justified as long as it happens to the right people I guess.

One thought on “Moralistic Vandalism”

  1. This started with loonies throwing paint on $10,000 fur coats in public, and apparently getting away with it. Never did I read about any of these “activists” facing any kind of charges, or getting their teeth knocked down their throats for their vandalism.

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