Dinesh D’Souza Can Kiss My Yule Tide Ass

Ilya Somin takes him to task over his assertion that libertarians are conservatives who are either gay, drug using, or amoral.   As someone  who is neither gay, nor a user of illicit substances, and who leads a pretty conservative personal life, I take great exception to the implication.

If Dinesh D’Souza wants to understand why the Republican Party is in utter disarray, the far right’s treatment of the libertarian wing has something to do with that.  Just look at all the passion Ron Paul has ignited, and he’s a total kook.

One Response to “Dinesh D’Souza Can Kiss My Yule Tide Ass”

  1. I’d say the guy’s a jackass…but it’s an insult to jacks and asses everywhere. The authortarian wing of the GOP needs to get its ass kicked by the libertarian wing.