Urban Violence in America

Clayton Cramer has a must read on the subject.  The article focuses on Oakland, California, but it could just as easily be Philadelphia.

3 Responses to “Urban Violence in America”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    This is where the Brady’s and VPC’s of the world need to focus their efforts. None of these kids are going to gun shows or gun stores and buying weapons. They steal them, share them, or simply use them in a group (another nail in the coffin of the “too many guns” myth). The culture of violence is what produces violence, not the guns themselves.

    The saddest part is that I agree with Clayton – there’s no constitutional way to fix this.

  2. PN NJ says:

    (1) According to a recent CDC report, over 70% of all “Non-Hispanic Blacks” are now born to unmarried women:

    The glorification of thug culture is just as responsible as poverty.

    (2) It almost seems like there are two distinct criminal ecosystems in the US today: inner city black-on-black crime and “all other”.

  3. Ian Argent says:

    Constitutional way to fix. End the War on Drugs and wait 2 generations. If you can arrange a religious revival, 1 generation. (Preferably Judeo-christian; and I’m a lapsed agnostic)

    See what the Victorians left the Edwardians in England. And then WWI squandered the opportunity

    Other than that? You’ve got me.

    It’s like live-action Lord of the Flies, I swear.