Gentlemen, don’t let the door …

hit you in the ass on the way out.

Members of the state House’s Legislative Black Caucus walked off the House floor this afternoon demanding votes on stalled gun-control bills.

The protest threatened to bring business in the chamber to a standstill because the 25-member caucus is a significant voting block, and could stand in the way of reaching the 102 votes need to approve legislation. The House has 203 members.

“There’s no more blind loyalty to anyone,” said Rep. Thomas Blackwell, D-Philadelphia, in an interview. “You have to respect us.”

Respect is a two way street, Representative Blackwell.  We demand respect for the rights protected by the constitution of this country and this commonwealth.  This is not a Pennsylvania problem, this is a Philadelphia problem.   When you’re ready to face up to the problems in Philadelphia, and talk about serious solutions, like putting more police officers on the streets, and making sure cretins like this don’t see the light of day, I’m willing to lobby my representatives for fiscal and legislative help.  Continue to impose gun control on me, and you’re not respecting me, so why should I respect you?

3 Responses to “Gentlemen, don’t let the door …”

  1. Art says:

    The city of Philadelphia is so mismanaged it’s pathetic. Hopefully the new mayor will change the way their justice system is run and not blame guns, knives and pointed sticks.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I’m not optimistic. Nutter could be a good Mayor, despite the fact that he’s politically forced to eat a lot of the bullshit his city generates. He’s not part of Street’s patronage kingdom, and I think he does truly want what’s best for the city. But the question remains as to whether he has the competence or the political ability to change anything?

    My guess now is, he doesn’t. My prediction is he’ll be better than Street, but that’s not hard. He wont’ be a great mayor. He will not be Philadelphia’s Rudy Giuliani. Philadelphia’s political class is too enamored with it’s own bullshit to vote someone like Giuliani in power anyway.

  3. straightarrow says:

    Get ready, racist. Uh huh, if you don’t respect him simply because he is black, hell even his name is Blackwell, then any disagreement you have with his actions is racist. Sheesh, I thought you knew that.

    He’s allowed to disrespect you and your rights because you’re non-black, or if you are black, because of your beliefs you’re not black enough. He can’t be prejudiced or racist because only whites and “not black enough” people are, and all of them are racists and bigots if they disagree with him.

    Boy, do you have a lot to learn.