Yankee Go Home

Ahab has the latest example of why New Yorkers suck.  Seriously, where do people get off moving some place and telling people how to live their lives?  Why are northern urban dwellers seemingly all infected with this type of cultural chauvinism?

Maybe it’s because I come from a city that’s the forgotten toilet bowl of the northeast, but I wouldn’t move to North Carolina and presume to tell people there how to live.

7 thoughts on “Yankee Go Home”

  1. Don’t we already have a similar problem when liberals move from MA to NH, or from CA to other western states? It kind of reminds me of those aliens in Independence Day who trash a planet and then move on to the next. Except the aliens at least had enough sense to hang on to their weapons. ;-)

  2. We have the same problem with southern California; they move here to get away from problems, and the first thing they want to do is change everything here to California and cause the same problems they ran away from.

  3. When I moved from MA to NH I used my best friend’s address on my resume instead of my own, as he was a New Hampshire resident. After getting hired and working for awhile, they told me that if I had applied with a MA address they would have immediately tossed out my resume.

  4. The big difference about southern California is that the people moving there aren’t from a different state — they’re from a different country.

  5. BobG hit it right on. I think the principle extends even further back in history. I think NY, Mass, CA, and the lot are the way they’ve become because a lot of foreigners came to America in the past 100-150 years to make money, not to be free. They came from places that were oppressive but they didn’t leave necessarily to escape that oppression. They can’t see that the problems they’re running from are caused by themselves.

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