Just One More Law

Just one more law is all it will take to stop the illegal flow of guns. Here in Pennsylvania, they say one-gun-a-month is a vital tool needed to combat firearms trafficking to criminals. The same people told us years ago we had to ban private sales on handguns to combat trafficking to criminals, and we did that. So now, “Just One More Law”. But look at how well it’s worked out for the United Kingdom:

Noonan’s brother Dominic was arrested in May of that year in possession of a blank-firing gun that had been imported from Germany and then converted into a deadly weapon. He was later jailed.

But the gun was one of a batch of hundreds imported from Germany by a gang who had employed an engineer to convert them.

The article goes on to say the reason criminals are manufacturing firearms is because it’s a heftier profit margin to machine a blank firing replica gun into a firing gun, than it is to buy real ones on the black market. Hardly surprising, but now Britain is pushing the EU to place regulations on replica guns. All it will take is “just one more law”, and the criminals will give up making a living by trying to hurt others. If the gun control folks want to know why we aren’t willing to work together, it’s because they will always need “just one more law.”

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