Infighting in Pennsylvania

Not much going on in the pro-gun world today, but if you’d like to take a gander at the kind of infighting that is going to seriously hold back our cause, take a look at the PA Firearms Owners Association forum for the latest example.

Disagreement in our movement is inevitable, because if there’s one thing we all have, it’s an opinion. As pissy as I might get at some pro-gun groups sometimes, when I think they are right, I will cheer them to the high hill. When I think they are wrong, I will say that too. But we’re all on the same side, albeit with different public voices and different levels of intensity.

I have my disagreements with some of the pro-gun groups here in Pennsylvania, but I appreciate the work they do. When I hear pro-gun people on our state decrying these groups, seemingly upset that they are building invaluable relationships with state legislators, I get very very worried, because those kinds of relationships are how you get things done in politics. Grassroots do matter, because the ability to deliver votes is what makes a politician pay attention to you, but you need leadership, and you need those legislative relationships if you want to get anything done.

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