Filling in the Gaps

While the ATF takes mom and pop operations to the woodshed for minor paperwork infractions, this article, where Ryan gets a lot of press, has a very interesting tidbit:

But if records are the bar by which gun dealers are measured, at least one expert says the ATF itself may have difficulty.

A gun manufacturer who specializes in legal reproductions of historic weaponry told WND a recent audit of the business found no discrepancies in his records, but it did reveal mistakes in the ATF records.

“What was of particular interest to me was that the NFRTR [BATFE’s bound book of machineguns, etc] was off by four machineguns,” Len Savage, of Historic Arms LLC, said.

“It is so bad [the BATFE own record keeping] that the inspectors have a form for correcting it using dealers records,” he said. He submitted a Freedom of Information Act request and discovered that the federal agency “is very quietly trying to fix their own inept record keeping by using our [store and business] records to fill in the gaps.”

An AFT inspector, Herbert Blount, told Savage that when the agency moved to a new building, officials “lost/misplaced” records for more than 500 businesses and replacements were being sought.

“As we are all human and errors do occur, I was more than happy to help him out. What really bothered me was that seven days later he called and explain he ‘misplaced’ the records I had just sent him a week previous,” Savage said.


2 Responses to “Filling in the Gaps”

  1. straightarrow says:

    “While the ATF takes mom and pop operations to the woodshed for minor paperwork infarctions,………”-Sebastian

    At first blush, I had determined to be snarky. Then I thought, “You know what, an infarction is most usually associated with a heart attack.” Trust me on this, I have personal experience with it.

    But after thinking about, I believe you may have inadvertently been even more appropriate in your choice of words than you know. I assume you meant “infractions”, however, since an infarction affects the heart and can be fatal, this seems entirely appropriate because paperwork infarction strike at the heart of the second amendment and are often fatal for the sufferer of such when the BATF***Everybody is the treating physician. Sort of the Krevorkian Effect, whether one is amenable to his own death or not.

    Sometimes you are eloquent beyond intent. Keep it up.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I did that once before I think. Switch r and a around on the keyboard and it’s wrong, but still a correct spelled word that means something totally different.