Take an Anti Shooting Day

The other Sebastian takes an anti-gun person shooting. It takes quite a leap to go from activist on the other side to the shooting range, and I have to hand it to Sebastian, that was quite a feat. His entire post is a must read, but here’s a quick excerpt:

The more interesting part of the evening was the drive home. Becky’s first time firing a gun had been a success, and she clearly had had a good time. I joked that much like Luke Skywalker playing with the laser droid thing…she’d taken her first step into a larger world. Becky remarked that since she’d left the gun control lobbying world, she’d realized that we gunnies aren’t a bunch of crazed maniacs trying to arm criminals for kicks; she further remarked that she thought the rhetoric was too heated all the way around, and that yes, much of what the Brady Bunch and the VPC promulgated was hysterics designed to provoke a reaction, not really anything that was meant to be factually accurate or sound grist for the public policy mill.

Sebastian’s new shooter-fu is clearly much better than mine.

2 thoughts on “Take an Anti Shooting Day”

  1. He really did alright, didn’t he? Of course, so did she. She was open enough to learn where she may have been wrong and went out to find out if it was so.

    Gotta respect that.

  2. Nothing merits more respect than a person willing to listen to the other side.

    You can’t force people to see the light, fortunately some do on their own.

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