Robb Makes an Activist

Robb Allen shows the importance of getting new people out to the range:

I am proud. It goes to show that a calm, reasoned approach has a much better chance at bringing people over to our side. It is also proof that we are winning the war on guns and that the Brady’s and the VPC’s of the world are simply money pits with near zero ROI.

One day, they’re a hoplophobic teacher, the next they’re producing massive fireballs with a vintage Russian carbine.

Yep. I think it’s the only way to win long term.

UPDATE: Robb says it’s mostly Greg’s work

5 Responses to “Robb Makes an Activist”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Well, I helped. The true hero here is Greg.

    Now, I might have another story next week when I take a hoplophobe to the range. We’ll see if I can do as good by myself!

  2. Greg Morris says:

    Way to steal my thunder! She’s my convert, darnit… Robb just takes good pictures. ;) Not that this is a competition really…

  3. Matt says:

    And I apparently tuned into the same wavelength as Greg pointed out on his blog as well.

  4. Noops says:

    I’ve had some success doing the same thing. I’ve taken 4-5 people shooting who I would consider to be “classic liberals.” I’m pretty liberal too, except on this issue. Most of them are now pro-gun, 3 want to buy or have bought firearms. One of them is that greatest of converts, he now goes out and gets more people to shoot. Take people into it slowly, be logical and in no way derisive or pejorative, and you can win this fight.

    Now, I’m not crazy, I don’t think we’ll get them all, but a few points here and there in swing states like Indiana, West Virginia, and Oregon can cut a pretty broad swath in politics.