They Caught Him

The guy that shot the armored car driver last week is in custody.  Quick work on the part of the PPD.   This is disappointing though:

Ali was scheduled to be arraigned later Saturday. He was arrested on an unrelated charge Friday afternoon and was later charged with two counts of murder, robbery, a firearms charge and other charges after giving a statement.

So this guy had an outstanding warrant.

Ali previously served seven years in federal prison for bank robbery, the detective said. It was not clear if he had an attorney.

This guy shouldn’t have been roaming the streets.  Will the Philly courts do the right thing this time?   I hope so.

One Response to “They Caught Him”

  1. vinnie says:

    You know, if the jury and parole board HAD BEEN CERTAIN that this miscreant would still be in jail. Just sayin’.