Bad Ideas

There’s a move afoot to make Pennsylvania an initiative and referendum state, much like California.   No thanks.  I share our founding father’s skepticism of direct democracy.  Most people just don’t have enough information to make informed decisions about government, which is why we have republican government, where we elect people to represent our interests for us.

I don’t exempt myself from this ignorance.  I’ve more than a few times thought something sounded good, until I heard more information about through a legislator.  I much prefer to leave the ugly details to a delegate, than undertake them myself.

Let’s not take Pennsylvania down this road.  I have no desire to live under a state government that allows two wolves and a sheep to decide what’s for lunch.

2 thoughts on “Bad Ideas”

  1. I was wondering if legislators could be randomly selected from the population at large (not including Senators). It would sort of be like Jury Duty, except better paid.

    The other alternative I see is to add more representatives, hopefully breaking up existing voting blocks. Maybe their votes will become less valuable on a “per-bribe” basis.

    California has plenty of problems even without referendums. The legislature causes as much trouble and the state is gerrymandered out the wazoo.

  2. Hell, if only looking at it from a childish, selfish perspective, I am damned tired of people accosting me every time I try to go in or leave a grocery store, Walmart, or anything larger than a gas station. Considering how many useless laws there are in this state, why would I want to put my name on another one?

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