Laura Washington’s Response

Walls of the City writes Laura Washington, informing her about our embracing the term People of the Gun, and gets a response.  From the point of view of an outsider looking in, you have to wonder what she has to be thinking.  Within a few days of her putting “People of the Gun” to paper, we have our own web site and merchandising.

Hell, even I can hardly believe it.   These Internets are surely a wondrous thing.   Thanks Al Gore!

13 thoughts on “Laura Washington’s Response”

  1. I could stand to lose a few pounds, if by a few you mean like 30 or so. Did OK the past few summers on the bike, but I got lazy this year. Have to figure something out for fall.

    The one of me was taking at my friend’s ranch in Texas while walking to the “range” for some shooting. Hence the hearing protection dangling from my neck.

    Don’t know what you mean by “dress up”. I only see a few folks in there wearing something I wouldn’t consider normal in context. Looks like a few reenactors among the bunch.

  2. “Dress up”?

    Looks like most of them are wearing t-shirts and levis; if that’s “dress up” I’d be interested in seeing what is “normal” wear.

  3. Dress up.

    I see one guy who may or may not be pretending to be a Kossack. There’s another in what appears to be a kilt; at least, I’m hoping it’s a kilt.

    There also appears to be a poseur in his living room pretending to reenact Red Dawn.

    There’s a Civil War reenactor.

    Several appear to be in a contest to see how many firearms they can wear and/or be photographed with.

  4. I’m guessing the guy dressed like a Cossack is a reenactor. I actually had no idea we had that many reenactor readers.

  5. In all honesty, I think we more-than-a-little disturbed her… First that we took so warmly to a phrase she no doubt meant as an insult, and, second, that we were able to launch such a proactive and growing campaign concerning it within 48-72 hours… with tshirts, no less! It is good to know that the grass roots still have a little “oomph” in them, eh?

    If Tim is not a reenactor, he and I need to sit down and work out an asking price for his cannon.

    In all honesty, I would have preferred to have a better background for my picture, but I did not much see the profit of driving 30 minutes one way just to do so. Perhaps when Better Half and I head out into the hills to go shooting when she comes to visit, we will have the chance to get some better pictures.

  6. Hey, I can re-enforce jG’s stereotyping even more. I do WWII reenacting as a German.

    Let’s see how many cockamaie theories he can come up w/.

  7. i can understand wanting to show off one’s entire collection, and wanting to pose oneself in the impressive show-off picture of the entire collection, but… it just about never turns out to be a good picture. it’s either way too cluttered, or way too pretentious-looking.

    (oh, and for the record: carrying more than one long gun at a time? not photogenic, ever. not even if you sling ’em all over one shoulder, which is just about the least bad way of arranging such a picture.)

  8. Wrong “hills”, methinks. ‘Round these parts I think I am more likely to have a rattler attached to my leg than run into a trueblooded redneck. That said, I could always wear a wet t-shirt… so long as only the back was wet. Methinks I am the wrong color for that, though.

    Old Texan definitely wins for best composition, though I would propose Lazarus Long as a close second – if only for the firearms exhibited.

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