Interesting Day

So today I attended the legislative committee session. Much of what was talked about was in regards to HR2640, and some matters that are appearing in the states like the “victimized twice” laws, forcing the reporting of stolen firearms. I was also quite pleased that the NRA is realizing that they need to have a better presence in the new media, and want to work more closely with bloggers.

At lunch, I found myself sitting next to Congressman Harold Volkmer. Yes, that Congressman Volkmer. Nice guy, and considering I regularly take advantage of the law he spearheaded, which consists of allowing gun shows, and safe transport provisions, it was quite a thrill to talk to him over lunch.

We joined up with Dave Kopel, Dave Hardy, and a few other folks for drinks afterward. Nice time. I got to meet Legal Bitch, the newest bitch girl. She’s very smart, and very cute, so be sure to check over there regularly for her posts.

I also met up with Tom King, of the NYSRPA.  Tom is a good guy, and I feel bad for being kind of hard on him as a new blogger.  Apparently our friend Jadegold sent him a rather horrid e-mail.  While I have no plans to ban Jadegold, as long as he’s reasonable here, I understand now why Tom did it.

8 thoughts on “Interesting Day”

  1. She’s cute eh? And likes guns?

    Be sure to let me know next time you and Bitter are heading out for some micro brews…actually I know a good spot in Bawlmer you need to visit. :)

  2. That guy has been trolling the internet for at least ten years and maybe longer. It’s best not to take him seriously. He’s a lost cause.

  3. Certainly sounds like an interesting gathering, and I am sure it was a blast to talk to all of those people. I figured something was going on in the background between Mr. King and JadeGold, but after a little interaction on the latter’s site, I will have no compunctions about completely banning him if he ever shows upon mine. Crotchety bastard, I am.

    Anywise, keep us posted if anything interesting comes up!

  4. I can’t help but think there is a joke somewhere in there about “Driving Miss Legal”.

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