I’ll Second That

SayUncle talks about the importance of Reasoned DiscourseTM, and that 52% of Canadians support a ban on handguns. Truth be told, I’m surprised it’s not higher.

Those two items are certainly related.  As Uncle said, we’re not trying to change the anti-gunners minds, it’s the people who respond to those surveys we’re trying to reach.  It’s also the gun owners, hunters and shooters who have had little exposure to the issue, and don’t realize that their rights are in jeopardy too.

Also not to be underestimated is the value in demoralizing your political opponents.  They may never change their minds, but we can certainly sow the seeds of doubt in regards to the future of their movement.

14 Responses to “I’ll Second That”

  1. Jadegold says:

    Actually, you have a bigger problem south of Canada’s border.

    Polls on Gun Control

    I’d note that you’re losing support among hunters. Of course, the number of hunters is also declining.

  2. SayUncle says:

    Mmmm, that’s good reasoned discourse. Say, looks to me like in 99 there was more support than there is now. And then there’s Zogby.

    “I’d note that you’re losing support among hunters. ”

    Really? Like most things, an assertion you fail to back up.

  3. Jadegold says:

    Wow. SayUncle is right! In 1999, there was 1% more support for stricter gun laws.

    You guys must be winning. In eight short years–with a GOP Congress and President for most of that time–you picked up 1%! You’ll have that MOE licked in a quarter of a century!

  4. SayUncle says:

    So 67 – 61 = 1? I thought trolls were good at math? What about Zogby? Say, don’t you have lies to tell about me banning you?

  5. Jadegold says:

    The numbers aren’t good for your side, SU. You can cherrypick ’em until the cows come home but you’d have thought an administration the NRA bragged about owning would have gained you more than a percent.

    But, hey, I’ll bet Young Master Bush is ecstatic his approval numbers are over 30%.

  6. SayUncle says:

    “You can cherrypick ‘em until the cows come home”

    pot kettle.

    “you’d have thought an administration the NRA bragged about owning would have gained you more than a percent.”

    So, again, 67 – 61 = 1?

    Don’t you have people to accuse of murder?

    I didn’t vote for Bush.

  7. bullbore says:

    Seems that there is a shortage of math skills on the anti’s side…i would like to reference:

  8. Jadegold says:

    If we go to my cite, we see how dishonest SU can be.

    He’s fond of talking about 1999 but is strangely silent about the polling numbers going back a bit further. Why is that?

    Well, it might have something to do with the fact his 1% gain goes away.

  9. Jadegold says:

    From Pew (April 18-22, 2007):

    “What do you think is more important — to protect the right of Americans to own guns, or to control gun ownership?”

    Take a gander at the numbers. I’m sure SU will tell us about his mad math skillz.

  10. thirdpower says:

    Dishonest? Uncle? You mean like how he banned you but didn’t?

    Let’s go back a little further. Support of AWB 80 to 64 from ’94 to ’07.
    Favor handgun bans 45 – 37 ’93 to ’07.

    Lots of cherry picking there.

  11. thirdpower says:

    Look at the link I posted. Support for stricter gun control down from 78 to 56 from 90-07.

    Unfavorable view towards NRA lowest since ’90.

    Pick that tree bare Jade, This can be kept up all night and you still won’t prove yourself right.

  12. Mugwug says:

    What was interesting about the Angus Reid poll was the “other” answers, especially considering the political hay thats been made in Ontario by the usual anti-gun suspects (the Premier, and the Mayor of Toronto at the top of the list).

    “…73 per cent of respondents want the Senate to ratify Bill C-10 (which seeks to increase mandatory minimum jail sentences for gun crimes) and 65 per cent want the upper house to ratify Bill C-35 (which calls for suspects charged with gun crimes to demonstrate to the court why they should be granted bail).…”

    I was somewhat pleased to see that 40% of respondents did not support the ban, with only 8% undecided. It’s hardly optimal, but I’d say thats hardly the total support the politicos were hoping for.

  13. Linoge says:

    Coming from a degree field with a strong background in probability and statistics, I view just about every poll and statistical “study” as suspect, right off the bat. And, yes, that applies for both sides of the fence. There are just so many ways of properly polling statistical bodies, looking at the numbers, applying different distributions, and all the rest of that nonsense, that you literally could look at the same numbers two different ways, and get two different conclusions. And do not even get me started on polling a thousand “random” people and then using that information to extrapolate to the country as a whole…

    Instead, it is easier, and possibly more accurate, to simply look at the laws of the land. The national “assault” weapon ban expired years ago, and has not resurfaced. How many states are shall-issue in respect to concealed-carry licenses these days? How many states have passed “castle doctrine” laws? The list goes on, and I do believe those are the points we should be driving home.

    Polls are nothing more than popularity contests, and should honestly be left to the liberals – after all, without polls, liberals would never be able to make up their minds. In the end, the law (and most especially the supreme law of America) is on our side, and I guess I am still naive enough to believe that matters.