The Craig Transcript

Via John Lott, we have a copy of Larry Craig’s transcript with the undercover officer. What continues to baffle me is why Craig didn’t fight it. I’m glad, however, that Craig got to feel, as a person who makes the laws, what it feels like to be subject to them. Personally, if this were me, and I was just being nervous fidgety in the stall, and was innocent, I would shut the hell up and tell the cop I’m not saying a damned thing to him until I have an attorney present, and I would fight the charge, and I would win.

Let me be clear here, my personal opinion is that Craig was probably trying to solicit sex in a public restroom. That’s what I believe as a citizen. What I’d believe as a juror or a judge is that there’s no way the state can meet it’s burden based on the evidence that’s being presented here, and my vote would be for not guilty.

But this undercover officer played Craig like a fiddle, and he plead guilty. Too bad for him. It happens to people all the time. Know your rights, and stand up for them. I’d say I feel sorry for Larry Craig, but I don’t. Once the “I’m a Senator!” card failed to work, he found himself an ordinary citizen, unprepared for dealing with a slick talking undercover officer. Am I the only one who thinks it’s poetic justice? Maybe I loathe politicians a little too much.

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  1. I could have written what you did as you so eloquently and accurately described exactly how I think about this.

  2. So what I like to think about in this particular situation is the Police Sergeant Dave Karsnia. His duty during this course of action is to sit in the shitter waiting for someone to solicit him for sexual favors. I’m not going to argue any moral issues anyone may have with Senator Craig.

    In the transcript, Sergeant Dave Karsnia indicates that he is “trained in this and I know what I am doing.”

    In short, we have “trained” officers trying to get people to engage them in homosexual activity.

    I’m not sure who to be more embarrassed for in this particular situation. Senator Craig, or the officer. Does Officer Dave have a quota to fill? It’s obvious that the state of Minnesota is trying to raise revenue by intimidating homosexuals into paying for their “crimes”

    It’s a good thing that we have trained professional officers to bring these criminals to justice. I feel safer already.

  3. Raising revenue? More likely the undercover cops were assigned this thankless task as a result of complaints from travelers who have been propositioned in the past.

  4. they never mention anywhere if these type of activities are “pre-arranged” or are these hand and foot signals supposed to be for anyone “Testing the waters”? I mean.. what are the chances you are going to score with someone in the stall next to you that is 1. gay themselves, 2. up for sexual contact in a public bathroom, and 3. knows about those signals? Maybe I’m naive, but if someone touched my foot under a stall, I would completely think of it as an accident, not a sexual advance.

    Besides, say someone does positively respond to that type of “advance”.. what’s the next step? One crawls under the divider and they make out or something? That won’t be noticed by anyone else in the bathroom?

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