Missouri Permit to Purchase to End Tuesday

The timing here is ironic. Ironic in the sense that it’s happening on the same day Reverend Jesse Jackson is planning nationwide protests for stronger gun laws.

Dave Hardy tells us that August 28th is the day that the Missouri permit to purchase ends. There are a few states that have this requirement. New Jersey is one, but New Jersey enacted it in 1968, at a time when the whole country was trending toward more gun control.

North Carolina and, until Tuesday, Missouri are others. In the case of these two states, the laws are remnants of Jim Crow. Missouri passed its law after race riots in the 20s. North Carolina passed its law a few years before. Though applied equally today, these laws were originally intended to disarm disfavored minority groups, including African-Americans, and for all practical purposes, were never applied to your average WASP.

Robert Cottrol and Ray Diamond have also written more on the subject. I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Cottrol at in St. Louis last April. If you’ve never been on an NRA convention, it’s a great opportunity to meet with some of the great minds of second amendment scholarship. The 2008 meeting will be in Louisville, Kentucky. Great place to go and meet up with interesting folk, and some of your favorite gun bloggers.