Visiting Geno’s Tomorrow

Bitter has never been to either Pat’s nor Geno’s to have a real South Philly cheesesteak. I haven’t been there for a while myself. I grew up in Ridley Park in Delaware County, about 5 miles south of Philadelphia, where the place you would get good steaks was Leo’s Steaks. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I can’t find any good places to get steaks in Bucks County. I’ve tried a few, and they are weak in comparison to what I know.

Of course, what sparked this is that Rightwingprof is in town. We’ll be meeting up with Wyatt Earp as well. We just had another murder in Philadelphia right in this area a few weeks ago, so I have to wonder if Rightwingprof really wants to meet us, or he really wanted to go to Geno’s, and figured having a Philly cop, and two strapped gun bloggers along would help even up the odds a bit ;) But seriously, we’re always happy to meet fellow bloggers. If you’re ever in the nation’s capital or Philly area, we’re up for getting together.

UPDATE: It was good to meet everyone.  I didn’t realize that Bitter had never had a philly cheesesteak at all, so I will have to take her to Leo’s sometime to try the ones I grew up with.  It’s been 10 years since I’d been the Geno’s or Pat’s, and was worried that maybe the neighborhood might have gone downhill since then, but it’s still a halfway decent area.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Geno’s Tomorrow”

  1. And a great time was had by all . . . I hope.

    It was great meeting you guys, and yes, I had my friendly neighborhood Glock with me.

  2. Good to see we share tastes in side arms. We’ll let you know next time we might have other bloggers in town. It was great meeting you too. Thanks for the cheesesteak!

  3. As far as Philly cheesesteaks go, Nick & Sophie’s truck at Drexel used to have the best. Of course, Nick & Sophie’s is gone, I think. Drexel pushed all of the lunch trucks off 32nd street.

    But if you insist on not eating steaks from a “roach coach”, Jim’s on South Street is far better than Pat’s or Gino’s.

  4. I never had any problem with the roach coaches. Drexel almost isn’t the same place I went to school. It’s a shame they pushed the lunch trucks out, but I can’t really argue that Papadakis hasn’t done a fantastic job as president. What he’s done with the University is pretty amazing.

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