6 thoughts on “ATF OKs Bits of String”

  1. But my tincture of Iodine that I use for testing starch conversion is still a controlled substance.

    Ammo Cat still iz Unhappy.

  2. It is? I have some of that too. Speaking of that, I need to make some more beer. Of course, before I can do that, I have to drink some more beer. Which is a problem, because I’m trying to lose weight.

  3. Make a wheat beer.

    I’m not sure it actually is any lighter in calories, but it tastes good and is perfect for summer.

    Me? I’m thinking about making a California Common with blueberries. Mostly because they’re in season and if I make a wheat, I like using Mangoes. And when I make a fruit beer, it’s not kool-aid flavored. Hints, people, just hints.

  4. “because I’m trying to lose weight.”

    thats why I stopped brewing.

    Well, that and the time.

    And the loss of a fondness for beer which came after working in a microbrewery for 3 years and getting paid in beer.

    But for awhile I was brewing in my own minature brewhouse – 2 converted Sanke Kegs – one as the mash tun and one as the brew kettle – and a lagering fridge and a kegerator (not to mention counter pressure bottling system) and I was pumping out 10 gallons a week (what 200 gallon limit – its sort of like hunting, the daily limit is multiplied by the entire house hold).

    Those were good days, but I’ve been fighting to take the weight off for years.

  5. I ought to add – if I could run a still, I would have kept it up. I prefer bourbon these days to beer.

  6. Howdy y’all, what do you guys think the Brady Bunch is up to with shutting down and “modifying” Helmke’s blog.

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