I’m a Little Skeptical

I’m a little skeptical that Ford’s troubles have more to do with their stance on homosexuality than the fact that they aren’t making products that people want to buy.   While I don’t have any issues with Ford’s supporting of homosexual groups myself, I will say I don’t know how much it makes sense for Ford to court gay buyers.   Gays typically are in demographic brackets are that are less likely to be attracted to Ford products.

I think it’s wise for corporations to stay out of controversial political issues as much as they can, otherwise they shouldn’t act surprised when they create PR problems for themselves.   I have no problem with Ford supporting groups that are promoting gay marriage, but people who have no issues with the idea of gay marriage are very much in the minority right now.   Any company that wades into that issue, one way or another, does so at their own peril.

6 thoughts on “I’m a Little Skeptical”

  1. Judging from all the rainbow and cause-oriented LGBT bumperstickers around here it appears that Subaru has that demographic all sewed up. Ford’s in deep doodles if they’re going after the Subaru market.

  2. I could have told you about the Subaru lesbian thing just from living in Western Massachusetts for so long.

  3. I just had a spark plug blow out of my F-250 engine. Apparently this is common according to the (Ford) mechanic. I have 9 other cylinders this will most likely happen to. I won’t buy another one.

  4. :-) CA and MA have lots in common, including perhaps a sub-population that transits back and forth between the two states – probably to vote twice…
    My old straight-6 pushrod F-150 is stone reliable, but they don’t make that motor anymore so I’ll probably get something different. Ford P.O’d a lot of off-road enthusiasts a few years back by pandering to the eco-weenies by promoting and projecting transparently bogus “Green and Sensitive” thing/image – come to think of it, how different is that from this?

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