Hanging Together

Ahab thinks we all need to hang together:

I don’t suppose I’d have to explain why that’s so dangerous; it’s even more dangerous when that same “turf-war” mentality manifests itself on an organization level. I like the NRA; I don’t always support their actions, and I wish they’d send me less mail, but they generally act in the best interests of law-abiding gun owners. Similarly, I like the GOA, I feel like it’s good to have a less moderate voice for gun owners for the times that the NRA drops the ball.

I do not like it when the GOA (or anyone else for that matter) goes after the NRA in an effort to prove who loves the 2nd Amendment more. Take for example this new bill before the House, HR 2640. The GOA has been lambasting the NRA for their support of this bill for a while, despite the fact that the relevant text just became available yesterday.

I couldn’t agree more!  I think GOA and other groups serve an important role in a) keeping the NRA honest, and b) concentrating on areas of gun law the NRA, for political reasons, can’t.  But I do get kind of annoyed with them when they seem to be attacking NRA for political convenience rather than real and substantive criticism.  The tone of many of the other groups communications seems to convey the NRA as the enemy, and I know there are more than a few out there who actually believe that.  You’re entitled to believe that, but I think it’s a very incorrect view.  I sure as hell don’t think the NRA is perfect, I do think they make mistakes, and this whole NICS deal may very well turn out to be one of them.  But I don’t believe they actively work against gun owners.  I believe that they did their best to make this bill a decent deal for gun owners, and to the extent that I didn’t get as much as I would have liked, I blame Congress.

The people I know that work for NRA, or have worked for NRA, are passionate about the issue, don’t get paid much for their work, and have to deal with a lot of crap that would drive you and me bonkers.  It’s easy to be critical, but not easy to have to deal with a hostile media, hostile politicians, the courts, Congress and 50 state legislatures, all the while taking heat from your own side that you’re not doing enough.

What frustrates me is that the other side has all their factions working together. The people that want to ban .50 BMG rifles play nice with the people who want to ban all guns who play nice with the people who just want to ban handguns, and so it goes.

It’s much easier for them because they lack any serious grassroots.  We’re millions of people, each with different quirks, views, and interests.  When you’re well financed by the few, you get the advantage of having it be easier to stay on message, and keep your ducks in a row.