We’re In Trouble

As I look out at the crowd at this meeting, I’m struck by the fact that most of them appear to be over 50, and I see maybe only a handful of us that are under 40.   If this is a true reflection of the NRA demographic, we’re in a lot of trouble over the long term.   I go to the range quite often, and the place is teaming with people in their 20s and 30s, yet I come here and I feel young!

Why aren’t more young people involved in this issue, when I know they are involved in shooting.  Where are all the 20-30 year olds I see at gun shows on a regular basis looking at the latest black rifles?   Something’s wrong.

8 thoughts on “We’re In Trouble”

  1. This as always been true. If you had gone to an annual meeting in 1957 you would have seen the same demographic. Most people between college and fifty have other priorities than meetings and committees.

    You can get their vote, and their money, but they would as soon go to the dentist as that convention. I have to agree with them.

  2. I know that while I wanted to attend the NRA Convention when it was in Pgh, I had a ton of other obligations the days that it was here, so I ended up basically sneaking in a couple of hours on Sunday (and had to steal that time from something else)

    And there is also the tendency that the older you are, the more disposable income you have.

  3. If they held it in Orlando, I’d go. But I have no interest in going to St. Louis on my vacation.

  4. It was in Orlando in 2003. I didn’t make that one because I was in college. However, Orlando is known for gun stuff. They also host SHOTShow every few years.

  5. I can only speak for myself but I would imagine that this is not an uncommon thread for us “young-‘uns” (I’m a bit older than you by the by).

    My paid time off from work is limited. I have to set priorities. I’d rather spend my off time in more concrete support of Second Amendment issues such as attending legislative sessions and city council meetings, participating in voter drives, rallies and protests, etc. than in something (in my humble opinion) as frivolous as attending a convention of a bunch of people who are already true believers.

    I’m sure the older set have either accrued enough vacation time to fit such an event into the schedule…or are simply retired and don’t have to concern themselves with such. I wouldn’t take it as a sign that the younger demographic are not as strong of supporters as the older, just a sign of different priorities.

  6. Lack of disposable income would be my bet. I would rather spend the money on ammo than on a ticket to St.Louis.

  7. Then I go the range, and I don’t see anyone under the age of 35-40. I’m there every other week, and I very rarely see young adults such as myself shooting. I do see the occasional family (which is good), but I’d like to see more 23-29 young professional there enjoying a nice day and some hot brass.

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