What are we supposed to use, harsh language?

From Slashdot, the Brits are talking about installing CCTV which can scold scofflaws through a loudspeaker.

Home Secretary John Reid told BBC News there would be some people, “in the minority who will be more concerned about what they claim are civil liberties intrusions”.

“But the vast majority of people find that their life is more upset by people who make their life a misery in the inner cities because they can’t go out and feel safe and secure in a healthy, clean environment because of a minority of people,” he added.

I don’t know about you, but having a camera who can lecture an attacker doesn’t exactly help me feel more safe.  When you surrender your safety and security to the government, this is the kind of result you can expect.  We need to make sure this idea never makes it across the pond.

4 thoughts on “What are we supposed to use, harsh language?”

  1. Perhaps Britain will unleash Robocop on its ne’er-do-wellers. By Robocop, I, of course, mean Roombas modified to hold cameras.

  2. “I say, you there! The bloke with cluebat. I daresay that if you do not cease striking that woman, we will be greatly displeased.”

  3. touche, Ahab.

    if CCTV alone isn’t enough to discourage crime, then CCTV that scolds you certainly cannot do any better. we could go all the way to the hypothetical system in Demolition Man, where automatic machinery on every wall would print you out a ticket every time you cussed, and it would accomplish nothing more than littering the streets with automatic tickets.

    well, almost nothing. it would turn all of society into a panopticon, to no good use. plenty of easily imagined, potential bad uses, however…

  4. I’ve been in locations that have loudspeakers connected to the cameras. It really doesn’t do much for detering crime at the locations.

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