Uses of Ovens

You know you’re a gun nut when, for the first time in a few months, you use your oven, not a cook a roast or a turkey, but to heat up some parts from your AK-74 so they’ll dry out after you gave it a nice bath in warm soapy water to wash out all the corrosive primer residue that built up on it after a day’s shooting.

I’m about 1/3rd through my batch of the corrosive stuff.  I might take the other tin that was in the crate and reserve it, and bring it out sometime when I’m either short of 5.45×39 or nostalgic.  The good thing about corrosive primed ammo is that it lasts forever.  Non-corrosive primers have a shorter shelf life.

One thought on “Uses of Ovens”

  1. I’m telling you hon, your readers would appreciate the image I told you about on the road: Woman in a ’50’s style dress pulling the dish out of the oven to serve up a gun. :)

    Or, there’s the Rachel Ray version

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