I wasn’t planning on doing this, but I noticed that a lot of the comments I received on my first (real) post were, well, not exactly relevant to the post. It seems like a few of you have questions about the strip club industry and you’ve been waiting for a stripper to come online and answer them in a semi-anonymous forum. Perhaps there are still some unanswered questions out there. This is your chance to ask them. Feel free to ask me anything about stripping, strippers, strip clubs, etc., and I will answer to the best of my ability based on my personal experience and knowledge.

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  1. 1.) How involved, if at all, is organized crime involved in strip clubs? (I understand this can vary greatly by region.)

    2.) Has anyone tried to tip you with Sacagawea dollar coins?

  2. 1.) The only mob-connected strip clubs I’m aware of are in New Jersey and New York. Although the mob’s not much of a force anymore, a few still do exist there. As far as the rest of the country goes, most of the clubs are owned by big chains or individual small business owners just trying to make a legal buck like everyone else.

    2.) No, but if the new Presidential coins catch on I can only see that as a good thing. In Canada, since the smallest paper denomination is $5, that’s the smallest acceptable stage tip. Loonies and toonies are reserved for stage games where the coins are thrown (usually) into a bucket. Although, I make most of my money on table dances, so most of my money is in tens and twenties anyway.

  3. Well, I heard stories about unruly patrons throwing coins/objects at strippers…

  4. I’ve never had anything other than money (paper) thrown at me. At most clubs anyone who did that would be immediately kicked out.

  5. Back when I was still living in a town that even had strip clubs, I used to enjoy putting my tips inside of blown up (non-lubed) condoms and then toss them up to the ladies. They loved it and would play with the “balloons” throughout the evening long after I had left.

    Ahhh… those were some fun evenings…

  6. Hi, I have been trying to get my husband of 10 years to go with me and get a lap dance done for him but I am having a tough time. I have taken him twice to clubs and he is so uptight. He is 12 years my senior and old fashioned and has never been to clubs before. At first I though it was just because I was in the room and he was uncomfortable so I had him go with a friend of mine but still he would not loosen up. We’ve talked about it and for me it would be a great turn on to sit back and watch him. I’ve had them done for me and he’s watched and it made for a great sexy night. Any ideas so I can get him that much needed lap dance?

  7. Hi,
    Is this public?
    Will all posts be shown?
    Can you help me in private??

    I very much hope to hear form you, and pray you will help me….

    Thank you
    Thank you for this idea, to be there for others to “ask questions”, perhaps mine are not what you ever intended, or welcomed. If you would help me, I can’t express the gratitude for you doing such a thing…

    Anxiously awaiting your reply.
    If you can’t help me, can you please suggest someone who may be willing?

    I’m in need of answers to questions, understanding and help to mend a broken heart and save a marriage to a man I adore. I want to work on this with him, but I am stuck literally I can’t move ahead, without some help.

    Thank you

  8. I have a 3-month old and a husband. I’m interested in stripping, and my husband is afraid that I might change in some way if I do this. He’s a cook at a strip club, and he says that all the girls that he knows are basically running from some bad memory or just trying to make tons of money by stripping. He wouldn’t generally object, but he thinks I’m going to become empty like them? Could you tell me if this is true? Do lots of girls just become empty after stripping?

  9. Dear Lady of the Night,
    We are from Canada and we would like to know what strippers do with coins? We don’t have one dollar bills to slip into g-strings and we want to know how our male friends, or some female friends for that matter, manage to give you ladies change?
    Thanks for your time!
    -M and D.

  10. I think about this question often. I have ased more than one person. But a few of me and my friends always wonder what strippers do if they have to fart while they are on stage. Do they use butt plugs? what do they do?

  11. Please help me.
    Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. I am a virgin in the adult entertainment world. I have never stripped before and don’t have a whole lot of dancing abilities. I’m definitely a salesman though! Do you recall your first night stripping? Please tell me all about it. I believe my first night will be this Friday….if they will have me!
    I’m curious about all sorts of things….everything really. Some things that come to mind are where do you put your money– Are there lockers or anything for the dancers? What all should I be packing to take to work with me? What if I’m on my period? Am I going to make any money at all on my first night? Should I tell anyone that it’s my first night? Are the strippers’ bitches to each other? How can I keep my belongings from getting stolen?
    Also, I’m a brunette; my hair is dark- When I shave, it is likely that the next day or the following day I have that 5 O’clock shadow in my arm pits and bikini area….what in the world do brunette women do who are going to exposing all of those areas? Are there any sites you would highly recommend to purchase stripper attire and shoes from? What are the best stores in Dallas to get stripper attire from? How long are the work shifts? Will my lack of dance talent severely handicap my ability to make money? Customers can’t touch the dancers but the dancers can touch the customers?? Can you let the customers touch you if you want them to??
    I’m not fat….perhaps a little bloated at the moment. Any, tips on concealing my little pot belly while stripping?
    What if a customer wants to buy me a drink?
    Do the heels really have to be 6 inches tall?
    What if you get an unsightly blemish?
    Thank you so much in advance!! I’ve enjoyed reading your helpful tips and look forward to hearing back from you.

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