Ammunition Control

New Jersey is laying the groundwork for ammunition control. I can’t say this shocks me, because to be honest, I’m surprised they haven’t gone for an outright ban yet. New Jersey continues to provide me with reasons to support global warming, namely that, if the climate models are to be believed, it will return portions of the Garden State to the sea from whence it came. Can’t happen soon enough if you ask me!

I am not optimistic about the future of New Jersey for our 2nd amendment rights. It’s a lost cause. The only way they will be saved is for the courts to remind them that they are part of the United States, and are thus subject to the Bill of Rights, including the second and fourteenth amendments.

It struck me this weekend, that what I legally do regularly in Pennsylvania, which involves throwing a bunch of evil black rifles in the back of my car and disappearing for weekend, could land me in prison for years in New Jersey. The only difference being on one side of a river or another.

Since I’ve been involved in the shooting community, I’ve become much more aware of state borders than I was in the past. I envy the folks in the West and Southwest, who can drive for days and not really have to think about it. We don’t have that luxury in Pennsylvania. We’re surrounded by states that want to lock up law abiding gun owners on three sides. The real question for us, as gun owners and shooters, is explaining to folks that don’t ever give this much thought, exactly how absurd this sorry situation is. But in my experience, most people really don’t have a commitment to freedom. Freedom is lip service for most people; something you say you’re in favor of, but when the rubber meets the road, suddenly it’s suggested “Oh, no. I don’t like that. Freedom certainly doesn’t mean that”. To the folks in New Jersey, it seems to boil down to whether you have the right to cut a fetus out of your body or marry someone of the same sex.

I’m not trivializing these concerns, just that, there’s a lot more to freedom than the standard bullshit that the left cares about. I’m not convinced that either party has a monopoly on supporting or eroding freedom, but if New Jersey is the left’s example of how they view freedom, you can count me the hell out. I’ll move to Arizona. Better weather anyway.

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